Ayahuasca DietAs you begin your Ayahuasca journey, we encourage visitors to follow the Ayayhuasca diet for several weeks before coming and several weeks after the visit. Following the diet permanently is even better.

What is the Ayahuasca Diet?

When we say Ayahuasca Diet, we mean avoiding red meat, fatty and fried foods, and leaning heavily on organic fruits and vegetables, fish and chicken. We recommend no added salt or sugar and avoiding heavily refined foods that have had almost all of the nutrients processed and/or removed.

Why is the Ayahuasca Diet important?

We want you to be in tip top shape when you arrive here. You know how it feels after you’ve had a massive high-calorie holiday meal? Not so great. Your body has to work hard to process all that heavy food.

By eating lighter fare, you give your body a rest and free up your mind to process the events as they unfold. We want you to be kind to your body and allow it to digest the food easily. This diet rests your body and primes your mind.

Furthermore, shamans believe that eating a heavily plant-based diet helps you to connect with Mother Ayahuasca, which is derived from plants.


In addition to what is mentioned above, we recommend avoiding foods containing tyramine as much as possible. Tyramine is naturally found in many foods including red meats, beer, aged cheese, and many fermented foods. Since tyramine is also found in the Ayahuasca brew, it’s important not to have a lot of extra tyramine in your system when you have your Ayahuasca experience. Too much tyramine is toxic and is also a known trigger for migraine headaches.

As much as is possible, we want you to be ready for your Ayahuasca journey and have the best possible experience and outcome. In our experience, following these few, simple guidelines will make for a much more pleasurable trip.

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