Our family of shamans are first and foremost compassionate and have a genuine love for people. Equally important, they each have decades of experience and deep knowledge of Ayahuasca and other Amazonian plant medicines.

East West Lodge shamans are not only compassionate masters in their shamanic work, but also demonstrate the highest levels of integrity in all areas of life. East West Lodge Shamans have impeccable character and high personal moral standards. They are each dedicated to continuously improving themselves in all facets of life and also helping their patients. Their strong character is evident in their positive relationships with those around them including spouses, children, parents and community.

Alex, Master Shaman


Our shaman are experts in shamanic arts and plant medicine. Their repertoire, learned from the plant spirits, includes personalized icaros, invoking the appropriate plant spirits, seeing into the astral plane, diagnosing, sucking out pathogenic projectiles from their patients and prescribing plant medicines as appropriate.

The Shaman each have their own unique set of icaros, the prayer-like songs and chants. Icaros can be passed on from master to pupil, but more often are learned directly from the plant spirits

during the Shamans’ plant dietas training period. The shaman use different icaros for protection, to call on different plant spirits, to conduct the flow of healing energy, to purge impurities, to induce visions and to increase or decrease the intensity of the medicine. Don’t be surprised when during Ceremony you enter into a new plane of consciousness when the shaman changes to a new icaros!


Alex Muñoz is the second son of the master Martin Muñoz. Alex began to take the medicine at the age of 8, and from a very young age he began to accompany his father on his trips and his ceremonies. Alex finished school and began his apprenticeship under his father, master Martin Muñoz. Alex’s training included Hacienda Diets of plants under direction of his father.

Alex is married and has 4 children, has traveled to Argentina, Bolivia and several European countries where he has conducted Ayahuasca ceremonies. He takes great care for the ritual aspect of the ceremony and preparation. He often plays the flute during ceremonies and his singing is especially beautiful..


Oscar, Master Shaman & Medicinal Plant Expert





Oscar Peña, also a son of  master Martin Muñozis, is the half brother of Alexs Muñozis. Oscar has worked with the medicine since he was 17 years old, has undergone several plant dietas and has deep knowledge of the different medicinal plants of the Amazon, able to recognize and use over 100 different plant medicines.

Oscar is noted for his serene presence and relaxed attitude. He often surprises guests with remarks and accurate insights that demonstrate a great inner strength and attention to what is happening during ceremony.


The Late Master Martín Muñoz

The late Master (“Maestro”) Martín Muñoz, father of Masters Alex  Muñoz and Oscar Peña

Master Muñoz physically died on January 1st, 2010, at 88 years old, but his spirit is alive among us and accompanies us as a model teacher, his three sons, also traditional shamans, continue to move forward with the mystique of what was Martín Muñoz, a complete example of a shaman demonstrating ethics and truth, something that can be difficult to find among the Amazon ayahuasqueros, who learn the sacred wisdom of the plant for years but have no compass or spiritual path. Master Martín Muñoz did not just take the path of Ayahuasca but also cultivated the art of how to live life fully, truthfully and ethically.

Master Muñoz was Master of ayahuasqueros teachers in the community of San Francisco Yarinacocha in the region of Ucayali River, Pucallpa, Peru. He was one of the founding members of this community in the year 1914. His spirit was an example of the exemplary living of a whole man, a being of pure light.. Master Muñoz was known to be one of the most respected maestros of the community, and that is something to be noted, Master Muñoz always spoke of himself and the spirits that he said helped him from the air as doctors. He was not sought for petty disputes or trivialities, He was looked for by sick people to heal them, and he healed them.


“When I went to see him in 2009, Maestro Martín Muñoz was near the end of his life, but even so, knowing him was memorable. He was a thin, tall man, almost 90 years old, already sick and not at his best. But even so, he had an implacable warrior attitude that did not tolerate or say nonsense. He spoke the truth suddenly and without filters, and his gaze was sharp and deep when he wanted to see what was inside you.

I am going to tell one story of many about Master Martin. He told me that of the many healers and shamans who came from abroad to work with him, one such healer took Martin with him to travel abroad several times, including a trip to India. There, Martin participated in a competition of shamans that supposedly was held once every 12 years or so, and in which there were two other participants, one a Hindu shaman, and the other a shaman from somewhere in Siberia or Mongolia. There were also 3 terminal patients, in poor condition, practically ready to die. Each shaman touched a patient at random. Master Martin took his Ayahuasca medicine and his icaros and his power was the only one of the three shamans that managed to cure his patient . This competition was so important in India that Master Martin was allegedly taken in front of the prime minister of India, with whom he took pictures in front of journalists, and there was a clipping of the newspaper with the photo of both together. By now though there is no evidence of this because this was in the 1980’s, before there was internet and email, and Martin lost contact with the healer that he had traveled to India with. Although I am aware that the story sounds a little far fetched, for the Muñoz family it is true so I also have to believe that it is.”

-Seizo Lozano, General Manager & Ceremony Facilitator at East West Lodge