Strong Medicine


Our family of shamans personally brew all of the Ayahuasca used in Ceremonies themselves. While brewing the Ayahuasca, the shaman puts his intention into it. During Ceremony, the shaman takes on the responsibility of drinking ayahuasca himself and is present for the entire duration, guarding and blessing the space while singing icaros, calling in protective spirits and guiding the visions of the participants.

Small Groups, Personalized Attention

We limit the number of travelers in each session to groups of six or eight. This is the only way to ensure the quality of experience for each guest. We find that smaller groups are best at balancing the benefit of creating a powerful collective energy with the need for individualized attention.



Our Ceremony Moloca floorboards were designed and built with extra support beams to make them solid and stable.

Your Ceremony experience won’t be disturbed by the impact of other people walking.

Our Ceremony Moloca uses a special technique that includes an extra layer of structural wood beams in the flooring. This increases the floor’s stability. Without this extra stability, at other Molocas you might feel the floorboards bouncing underneath you as someone a few meters away (or in some cases even on the other side of the moloca!) gets up to go to the bathroom during Ceremony. This can greatly disturb your concentration and focus during Ceremony.

Moloca Double Door to Keep Mosquito Out

Other than a backrest along the bottom, the upper 2/3 of our Ceremony moloca “walls” are made entirely of extra fine mosquito screen. This allows the night jungle breeze to flow into the moloca and over your body while keeping uninvited mosquitoes out. We also have a double door to provide an extra buffer zone to screen out mosquitoes.




Breathtaking View from Our Observation Tower

Relax and take in the beauty from the deck at the top of our Observation Tower. Click on the images below.