Our schedule is not jam packed with activities. Our Retreats are centered on the Ayahuasca Ceremony. We want to make sure that you have time for introspection in-between Ceremonies. If you’re looking for more adventure and activities, you can schedule that yourself either before or after coming to East West Lodge.

That being said, we will have:

  • At least one group hike through the jungle (nothing too strenuous or hard core)
  • Visit to local community to see how the locals live
  • Spectacular views of the jungle from the top of our observation tower
  • Go off on your own in groups of two or more and explore marked trails
A Leisurely Stroll through the Jungle

East West Lodge is surrounded by pristine jungle, with huge lumbering trees, some over 100 years old. We will schedule a jungle hike (nothing too strenuous) on the day when there is no Ceremony.

You will also have unlimited access to our extensive fruit garden with an assortment of fruit trees and plants.


Observation Tower at East West Lodge

Enjoy a spectacular panoramic view from the top our observation.




Rainy Day View from the Top of Our Observation Tower


Trail at East West Lodge

Feel free to explore the surrounding jungle on marked trails, but make sure you go with at least one other person (we don’t want anyone getting lost). You can also walk the shore of the Amazon river in either direction for as long as you care to walk. Say hola to any locals who pass by.

Enjoy the View from our Observation Tower
Chill out at our Observation Tower Deck