Ayahuasca Post Retreat Recommendations

In our first group of recommendations for after you go home from one our retreats, we talked about diet, emotions, exercise, and nature. But we have more recommendations for you as get over the shock of returning to your former life.

We want you to continue with integrating what you learned here into your new and better self. So, here is our next set of recommendations to continue with your healing process.

Find Some

You will feel better if you can talk about your new goals and new meaning with others. Try to find some people you can talk to and hang out with. Everyone feels better when they can share their life experiences with others.

Eliminate Negativity From Your Life

This means not only getting rid of self-defeating phrases that you tell yourself silently, like “you can’t do this” or “you’re not good enough for that,” but also possibly distancing yourself from negative and high-maintenance friends and relatives.

Surround yourself with people who make you feel good. It’s that simple.

Making Time for Yourself

This means making time to do whatever it is that feels good to you. This can be reading a book or taking a hot bath or keeping a thankfulness journal. It can be practicing a musical instrument or working on some art or taking a class you always wanted to take. We want you to some small extent to concentrate on you and only you in whatever form that takes for you. Maybe it’s volunteering to help others that makes you feel good.

We spend so much time in this world looking after everyone else’s needs, we don’t take enough time to explore and nurture our own needs. This is critical for your well-being.

Take Care of Your Body

Taking care of your mind also means taking care of your body. Not just with exercise, which we recommend, but with careful self-assessment. Do you drink too much? Smoke too much? Now is the time to give your body the respect that it is due.


We recommend that you make nature an integral part of your life. If you can’t get outside much, then you can still have plants inside your home. You can eat more plant material, too. Fresh and dried fruits and vegetables. Walk in the park or dig in the garden. Include nature in your day-to-day life in any way you can. Your body and mind will thank you.

Everyone at East West Lodge wishes you a Happy Holiday season and a wonderful New Year. Come and visit us in 2018.

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