Ayahuasca Post-Retreat Recommendations If you’ve had the good fortune to attend one of our retreats, we have some recommendations for you for when you get home. Our retreat and your Ayahuasca journey may have stirred up a lot of emotions, and we’d like to help you with that. Here are some suggestions to help your continued healing process which started here.


If at all possible, we like to you continue with the diet you followed with us for at least a couple of weeks. This means avoiding fatty foods, salt, and sugar. Avoid heavily processed foods, meat, and opt for fresh fruits and vegetables. This is good for your body and your mind as you internalize the lessons learned here.

Dealing with Emotions

You may find yourself in a maelstrom of emotions. To help cope with these strong emotions, we recommend the following:

  1. Try to learn some meditation. There are several modalities to choose from and they all help to calm the mind and the spirit.
  2. Be kind to yourself. You’ve just been through a life-changing experience. Feel the power awakening within.
  3. Talk about what you’ve been through with a trusted friend or a professional.


Get some exercise. Exercise is good for every part of you, and it releases chemicals in the brain that will make you feel better. Exercise clears your head like nothing else can. Go for a walk if nothing else appeals to you. We guarantee regular exercise will make you feel better.


Remember the powerful effect that nature had on you here? You don’t have to lose that. Nature is all around us. Even if you live in an urban area, there are still parks to walk in, birds to watch, and fresh air to smell. Grow a little herb garden on your windowsill or on your patio. Nature should be an ongoing part of your healing process. Ayahuasca is a gift to us from Mother Nature. Nature is a gift that you can continue to give yourself daily.

Everyone at East West Lodge wishes you a Happy Holiday season and a wonderful New Year. Come and visit us in 2018.

Contact Us

We can give you all kinds of information, and we urge you to contact us and let us answer your questions or address any concerns. Our email address is info@eastwestlodge.com . Your safety is our first priority.

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