Work Exchange Opportunities

At East West Lodge, we offer work-exchange programs to a select number of applicants. If you are sincerely interested in making a positive contribution, then we invite you to become part of our community.


East West Lodge Provides

We provide all Work Exchange participants with free accommodation, food, travel from Iquitos to and from East West Lodge and access to all on-site activities. Work Exchange participants can partake in Ayahuasca at our Ceremonies twice a week at no charge .


Work Exchange Participants’ Roles

All Work Exchange participants must be fluent in Spanish and English. Additional languages is a plus. We are currently looking for people with experience in counseling, meditation, yoga, reiki, massage, gardening, farming, carpentry or construction. Select participants with specific skills are eligible to receive a cash stipend to stay as East West Lodge. After one month of service, a salaried position may be offered.


Volunteer Requirements:

  • Minimum stay of one-month.
  • Willing to work 6 hours a day/ 5 days a week.
  • Absolutely no drugs or alcohol.
  • Strong moral grounding.
  • Spanish and English bilingual fluency; any additional languages would be a plus.
  • A feeling of service and calling to work with Ayahuasca, plant spirits and authentic healers of the Amazon.
  • Physically fit and healthy.
  • Positive energy.
  • Strong, motivated, willing, resilient, alert and hard working.
  • Extensive experience with Ayahuasca and/or some special skill (first aid/health care, psychology, yoga, meditation, tai-qi, etc.)
  • Already living in Peru or eager and able to get here ASAP.
  • Bonus if you have carried out any of genuine plant dietas.

Specific roles will be discussed and set before arriving based on each applicant’s particular skills and work interests.


General responsibilities may include:

  • Conducting yoga or meditation sessions (if you have relevant experience)
  • Giving massage or reiki therapy to guests (if you have professional experience)
  • Assisting the Shaman in preparing the Ayahuasca brew
  • Shaman personal assistant
  • Ceremony assistant (provide basic assistance to guests during Ceremonies)
  • Accompanying staff during boat trips into town to buy supplies and food
  • Kitchen help with cooking, serving food and cleaning
  • Spanish translation
  • Garden work, planting, picking fruits, weeding, etc.
  • Grounds and landscape work

We receive many applications from Work Exchange applicants so it is highly competitive. We’re looking for dedicated individuals who are willing to make a true commitment. We ask you to take your responsibilities seriously.

If you are interested in applying for Work Exchange at East West Lodge, please fill out our Work Exchange Application.