Is Ayahuasca for me?Trying Ayahuasca is a uniquely personal choice. It’s difficult to articulate and it feels different for everyone. We recommend it for most people, and there’s a reason why shamans in the Amazon basin have been using it for centuries.

Good Reasons Not to Try Ayahuasca

  1. Age—Children should not be consuming a potent hallucinogenic brew.
  2. Certain Medical Conditions—Having some medical conditions and taking certain prescription or over-the-counter medicines would preclude you from trying Ayahuasca. We would encourage you to talk to your family doctor and to us to discuss it.
  3. Not Having Confidence in the Retreat or Shaman—You won’t have that problem if you visit us in Iquitos. Our shaman knows what he’s doing and has vast experience. On the other hand, we wouldn’t recommend that you try Ayahuasca if it was offered to you from a stranger on the street.
  4. Trying It Strictly for Amusement or Sport—We view Ayahuasca as a medicine, not a recreational drug. We treat the whole experience with respect, and you should, too.

Good Reasons to Try Ayahuasca

  1. Wanting to Improve Your Life—We believe that Ayahuasca can help the vast majority of people to feel better about themselves and their lives. Ayahuasca is life-changing.
  2. If You’re Suffering from Depression, PTSD, or Addiction—As we’ve mentioned before, there is good science to support the use of Ayahuasca to help treat these problems.
  3. If You Yearn for a Spiritual Awakening—the Ayahuasca experience here with us is definitely a spiritual or religious one led by an authentic shaman. You will interact with the shaman as he guides you on your journey.
  4. If You Desire a Stronger Relationship with Nature—Ayahuasca comes from nature and is viewed by the indigenous population as a gift from the earth mother. Part of the experience is the new connectedness you will feel with the world around you.

Although Ayahuasca is not for everyone, we believe that most people would benefit from it. We urge you to consider coming here to Peru and experiencing it for yourself. You will leave changed for the better.

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We can give you all kinds of information, and we urge you to contact us and let us answer your questions or address any concerns. Our email address is . Your safety is our first priority.

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