Integration: After the Ayahuasca JourneyWe believe that Ayahuasca can be life-changing for many individuals. But these changes in one’s attitude, beliefs, or feelings of connectedness is a process. A person does not magically change in a few hours after one experience with Ayahuasca. You may gain insight, but the changes occur slowly and subtly as you integrate your experience into the rest of your life away from the jungle.

This is why we encourage what’s called integration work after your trip here.

Write It Down

Try to write down what you experienced. What did you see, hear, feel, smell, observe? What do you remember? By writing it down, you will be able to remember it better and think about it.

Everything you felt may not be immediately understandable to your normal everyday brain. You will need to spend some time reflecting on your visit and your Ayahuasca journey to make sense of everything.


We recommend that you continue following our diet for some time after your return home. This diet will help your body to rest and your mind to be open to change.


We believe that an ongoing relationship with nature is essential to your well-being. This means getting outside, getting fresh air, and feeling the peace that comes with being a part of nature. Ayahuasca is a gift from nature, from the earth, and to fully appreciate it and make its effects long-lasting, you need to also continue to experience nature.

Talking About It

Some people have a bit of a culture shock when they get home. After you have spent time in the jungle closely connected to others and a shaman, who is looking after you, you may feel disoriented in your regular home setting. Maybe you would benefit from talking about your experience with a trusted friend or other like-minded individuals or even a professional counselor. It’s important to try to make sense of what you have been through with a compassionate listener.

Ayahuasca is a process and a path, the beginning of which you experience here. Your journey, however, starts here. It’s up to you to continue the journey when you get home. Then you can feel Ayahuasca’s complete and lasting positive effects.

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We can give you all kinds of information, and we urge you to contact us and let us answer your questions or address any concerns. Our email address is . Your safety is our first priority.

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