During your stay at East West Lodge, you will enjoy clean and healthy whole foods meals including chicken, local fresh fish and eggs as well as numerous fresh organic fruits and vegetables.

Ayahuasca Diet

All of East West Lodge Retreats include freshly made meals follow the “Ayahuasca Diet”, which means:

  • No salt, pepper, sugar, spices, confectionaries, red meat, dried or preserved meat, dairy products, fermented products, tofu, oil, soft-drinks or coffee.
  • All fresh ingredients.
Ayahuasca Food & Diet -2
Typical Ayahuasca Diet Meal

We also provide drinking water and tea. You can eat as much as you want at each meal. We will have breakfast and a light lunch but no dinner on Ceremony nights. We will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner on days with no Ayahuasca Ceremonies. Please let us know if you have any special dietary restrictions or needs.

To get the maximum benefit from Ayahuasca Ceremony, we recommend adhering to the above Ayahuasca Diet at least a few days (two weeks is better) before, during, and a few days to two weeks after your last Ahuasca Ceremony. However, in terms of safety, it’s ok if you do not follow the above Ayahuasca Diet before and after coming to East West Lodge. Following the Diet just helps you prepare your body to get the most out of the experience.



Ayahuasca Shamanic Dietas

Ayahuasca “Shamanic Dietas” are practiced in the Amazon with the purpose sensitizing oneself to the plant and plant spirits. Shamanic Dietas are more hard core versions of the above mentioned Ayahuasca Diet, also including no sexual or social stimulation. You can find more on the Shamanic Dietas here and here.

Ayahuasca Safety Diet

The “Ayahuasca Safety Diet” is a MAOI safety diet. It is followed for safety reasons. It should not be confused with the Ayahuasca Diet or the Ayahuasca Shamanic dietas, which are followed for optimization (and will also be safe).

The Ayahuasca Safety Diet consists of foods that are as fresh as possible and not overripe, fermented, preserved, aged, cured or at all spoiled. Starches such as rice, potatoes, yucca and bread are also fine.

The Ayahuasca Safety Diet entails not eating certain “Foods to Avoid”, which you can see here and here. We recommend that you avoid these foods for at least 24 hours before and after drinking Ayahuasca.

Foods to avoid include foods high in tyramine, since too much tyramine while on an MAOI can lead to a sudden spike in blood pressure, or even result in stroke, brain hemorrhage and death However, since Ayahuasca is a reversible MAOI (RIMA), food interaction with Ayahuasca is not as serious as it is with pharmaceutical MAOIs. As far as we know, there are no fatalities on record from food interactions with Ayahuasca.

Food interactions with Ayahuasca can cause unpleasant symptoms such as severe headache (sometimes lasting for days) and accelerated heartbeat. It could possibly be life-threatening for someone with severe high blood pressure or heart disease. People with severe high blood pressure or heart disease should not take Ayahuasca in the first place. Eating the Foods to Avoid can also increase the chances of a panic attack.

Some people eat the Foods to Avoid with Ayahuasca with no problems. Sometimes the same person may have no problem eating the Foods to Avoid on some occasions but have bad reactions on other occasions. Other people have adverse reactions even with eating very small amounts of the Foods to Avoid.