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Be forewarned, taking Ayahuasca could possibly be ruinous to your current career plans, so think carefully before deciding to drink it. Michael Sanders is a case in point. Michael was the cofounder of a startup that had hit a plateau. He went to Peru hoping to use Ayahuasca to gain insights into how to further his business. Instead, the Medicine showed him that what he really needed to do was to leave his startup and instead follow his lifelong passion to write a book. By the end of his third Ceremony, he finally let go of his fears and was at peace with leaving his startup business. He left Peru “with an undeniable clarity, peace and the resolve to pursue” his passion. He quit his startup and wrote his book.

On the other hand, you might find that Ayahuasca can help you make mental connections and bring new insights regarding your career or entrepreneurial pursuits. During Ayahuasca Ceremony, you might see a clear vision for your current career path, or you might open up to doing something entirely different that you’ve never imagined before.

This is the case for Aubrey Marcus, founder and CEO of Onnit, a health and nutritional supplements provider. Aubrey credits Ayahuasca for allowing him to see things from a different perspective, including seeing where he was making mistakes in business and allowing him to realign his goals. “Everything that is happening now I envisioned when I was down in Peru” during Ayahuasca Ceremony, he said. Ayahuasca helped Aubrey live his dream, and according to him, his company is “absolutely everything I’ve ever wanted to build and be a part of”.

While we can’t promise you’ll have a major epiphany regarding your career or entrepreneurial pursuits, Ayahuasca will make your mind a fertile ground for that, as it quiets down the normally hyperactive part of your brain and brings out your higher consciousness.