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Seizo Lozano, General Manager & Ceremony Facilitator

Seizo is a native of Lima, Peru. He has participated in well over a hundred Ayahuasca Ceremonies since his first ceremony in 1998 in Cuzco. In 2009, he made a pilgrimage to to the native community of San Francisco in Pucallpa, Peru, where.he lived for over a year studying under the Muñoz family of Shaman, most notably brothers Oscar Muñoz and Alex Muñoz.



When he’s not helping facilitate Ayahuasca Ceremonies and taking care of guests at East West Lodge, Seizo also enjoys composing electronic music in his free time.



Alex, Master Shaman

Alex Muñoz is the second son of the master Martin Muñoz. Alex began to take the medicine at the age of 8, and from a very young age he began to accompany his father on his trips and his ceremonies. Alex finished school and began his apprenticeship under his father, master Martin Muñoz. Alex’s training included Hacienda Diets of plants under direction of his father.

Alex is married and has 4 children, has traveled to Argentina, Bolivia and several European countries where he has conducted Ayahuasca ceremonies. He takes great care for the ritual aspect of the ceremony and preparation. He often plays the flute during ceremonies and his singing is especially beautiful.

Oscar, Master Shaman & Plant Specialist

Oscar Peña is the adopted son of  master Martin Muñozis, raised the same as master Martin Muñozis’ other children. Oscar has worked with the medicine since he was 17 years old, has undergone several plant dietas and has deep knowledge of the different medicinal plants of the Amazon, able to recognize and use over 100 different plant medicines.

Oscar is noted for his serene presence and relaxed attitude. He often surprises guests with remarks and accurate insights that demonstrate a great inner strength and attention to what is happening during ceremony.

Richard, Omar and Jose – Grounds Keeping & Maintenance