Our Mission is to help each person who comes to East West Lodge to unlock the full benefits of Ayahuasca in an authentic Peruvian shamanistic setting, thereby bringing deep holistic healing, cleansing, higher consciousness and a new start on life.

Our Vision is to help humanity reach the critical mass tipping point that sets off a chain reaction leading to a shift in global consciousness.

From East to West, what if every world leader, presidential candidate, head of state, lawmaker, judge and member of law enforcement partook in just one Ayahuasca Ceremony and deeply reflected on their life’s intent?

Shaman Making a Blessing

Billions of people are sleep-walking the earth in a dream-state. They each have the seed of universal consciousness within, yet the consciousness only fully blossoms in very few. We believe that humanity is approaching a critical mass tipping point for consciousness expansion. This critical mass tipping point is the minimum number of awakened people that would trigger an unstoppable chain reaction leading to a shift in global consciousness.

According to scientists at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, if just 10% of the population hold an unwavering belief, that belief will rapidly be transmitted and adopted by society as a whole. Once 10% of us partake in Ayahuasca and decide to walk the path to self-awakening, this wisdom will spread like wildfire. Humanity will increasingly walk the path to truly know itself and nature better, both as individuals and as one interlinking web of divine consciousness.

East West Lodge is dedicated to helping each of our guests tap into higher consciousness and holistic healing. You will be fully immersed in the traditional shamanic culture, guided by authentic shaman healers. After your retreat at East West Lodge, you can expect to have a deeper understanding of yourself and your place in the world.

Student with Alex, Master Shaman at East West Lodge

East West Lodge is for you only if you are serious about reaching higher consciousness, personal cleansing, holistic healing and spiritual awakening. Our objective is to help you in your work to achieve higher levels of self-empowerment and enduring life transformation.

The family of shaman at East West Lodge have decades of experience in Ayahuasca. They are not only expert in their shamanic healing skills but also demonstrate impeccable professionalism, total integrity, compassionate intention and responsible care given to each guest.

After your stay at East West Lodge, we hope that you return to your normal life totally transformed, with a new perspective, so that you will be a positive influence in helping humanity reach the critical mass tipping point that trips a domino effect of a shift in global consciousness.