Our Intention is Simply to Allow Ayahuasca to do its Work

At East West Lodge, our our family of shamans conduct their Ayahuasca Ceremonies with the single minded intention to let Ayahuasca bring you exactly whatever it is that you need, and to show you whatever it is that you need to see. It’s different for everyone. For some, it could be physical healing, emotional healing. For other travelers, it’s consciousness expansion, reaching exceptional states of consciousness, direct experience of the divine, cosmic unity, or boundless awareness.

Our intention is to introduce you to Ayahuasca and its power to help you on your path to awaken to your full potential. What intention will you bring for your journey at East West Lodge?

An apprentice with Alex, a master shaman at East West Lodge

 Small Personalized Groups

Each individual coming to Ayahuasca has different needs. Through the ages, Ayahuasca Ceremonies were conducted by a shaman in small groups or even with just one patient. This allowed the shaman to focus the healing properties of the medicine into what each individual needed, providing the best environment possible.

It is only in recent times with the rise of Ayahuasca tourism that commercially oriented centers run retreats with a dozen or more guests. While, we are not saying large group ceremonies cannot be beneficial (in fact, some people prefer the high energy of large group ceremonies!), we choose to offer Ceremonies for those looking for more personalized attention.

We limit the number of travelers in each session to groups of six or eight. This is the only way to ensure the quality of experience for each guest. We find that smaller groups are best at balancing the benefit of creating a powerful collective energy with the need for individualized attention.

Ayahuasca Ceremony at East West Lodge

 Changing Lives

Each and every Ayahuasca Ceremony at East West Lodge carries the sacred importance of caring for our guests that have entrusted us with their care. Our family of shamans and facilitators know that their work is changing people’s lives and helping to awaken humanity.

At  East West Lodge, you will have the opportunity to talk with (through our interpreter if you don’t speak Spanish)  the shaman during each and every Ceremony, based on your specific intentions. The shaman will also sing an individualized Icaros for each guest as an individualized blessing.

We respect your privacy and we ensure the confidentiality of all that happens at East West Lodge in regards to our guests.

Beautiful Jungle Grounds and Fruit Garden

East West Lodge is nestled in 50 acres of lush jungle right on the Amazon River. Here you’ll find huge majestic lumbering trees, some over 100 years old. You will also enjoy our extensive fruit garden with an assortment of fruit trees and plants.