2018 Wellness TrendsWe already know that Ayahuasca is an important trend in 2018 as more and more people are becoming aware of its potential to help us in a myriad of ways, psychologically, spiritually, and emotionally. There is increasing research supporting the further investigation of Ayahuasca to help with addiction, eating disorders, depression, and PTSD.

In addition to Ayahuasca, the Global Wellness Institute, a 501(c)(3) non-profit with the mission to empower worldwide wellness, has defined several other interesting ideas as current wellness trends for 2018. Here are a few of them.


All kinds. Supported by clinical evidence, we are learning that mushrooms have all kinds of health benefits, physically, neurologically, and spiritually. As a result, we are starting to see mushrooms as ingredients in foods and drinks and creams and ointments where they have never been used before.

Edible mushrooms including Shiitake and Enoki, long popular in Asian cuisines are becoming more mainstream and are being studied for their medicinal value. Psychoactive mushrooms are being studied for their mental health benefits.

The First 1000 Days

There is new attention being paid to the time before a child is conceived, not just for the mother, but also for the father. Now instead of just being concerned about whether a woman is drinking alcohol during pregnancy, there is increased attention on complete wellness for both parents including mental health.

Since most everything that happens to us is a combination of genetic predisposition and environment, making the environment as healthy as possible for mother and father is now getting the focus it deserves. Surely the sperm requires a healthy environment as much or almost as much as the egg does.

Kitchens Designed for Wellness

Now that people are more concerned with what they’re eating, it’s time to examine the kitchen and cooking environment. This can mean everything from having more natural light in the kitchen to having refrigerators that are better designed to keep fruits and vegetables fresh.

People should eat in comfort and enjoy every moment of the food experience. Food is not just important for our physical nutrition but it’s a big part of daily life. In an effort to get back to nature, people are trying to grow their own herbs in a kitchen window and sourcing ingredients from closer to home when possible, which minimizes pollution from the transport of long-distance ingredients. Overall, the trend is to think about and make the most of every aspect of eating.

These are just a few of the 2018 trends. But we’re all for changes that are not only good for the environment but good for the soul.

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